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Wang Guoqiang analyzed the new situation of TCM reform and development, emphasizing to promotion of academic progress and culture construction.

At National Working Conference on TCM on January 10th, Wang Guoqiang, Vice-Minister of Health and Commissioner of SATCM, indicated that we should further master the new situation of TCM reform and development, facilitate academic progress steadily, develop and invigorate TCM culture, and facilitate and realize TCM course development scientifically..

TCM development must abide by and serve the overall development of national economy and society, and medicine and health..

Wang Guoqiang pointed out that TCM development must abide by and serve the overall development of national economy and society, and medicine and health. At present, people’s demand for TCM provided more vast space for TCM development, and the Outline of “Twelfth Five-year Plan” proposed that TCM development would be an important part of perfecting basic medical and health system, which poured power into TCM development. TCM played a unique role of propelling strategic development of recently emergent industries, providing more jobs and opportunities, stimulating residents’ consumption of £¬regimen and heath care etc. of health service, promoting the adjustment of agricultural structure, increasing farmers' income£¬and promoting trade in service development. In medical reform, fully utilizing TCM resources and playing a role and embodying advantages of TCM were helpful for not only establishing and proving medical and health system which covers urban and rural area, but also opening up an affordable, prevention-oriented and sustainable path for health and medicine development with Chinese characteristics.

We should fully understand economic and social environment, and the new situation of development and change in medical reform, firmly seize opportunities, and deeply understand new demands and tasks of TCM under the new situation. We should not only firmly remember the essential purpose of meeting masses’ needs of TCM service, firmly base on a solid foundation for developing treatment, prevention and health care services of TCM, but also firmly take advantage of a powerful driving force of speeding up the reform and innovation, firmly master the overall coordinated situation composed of “six in one “( i.e.TCM treatment health care, education, scientific research, industry as well as culture), so as to develop and facilitate TCM scientifically.

Acceleration of TCM academic development should be regarded as the strategic key point of policy support and TCM development.

Wang Guoqiang proposed that we should cope with challenges and dedicate to promoting TCM academic development. He thought that TCM academic development was facing new situations and problems. As for external environment, attentions paid by governments at all levels, good policy environment, people’s urgent desire for TCM as well as higher demands for TCM academic development, and new international recognition for traditional medicine as well as threat for TCM original advantages and resource advantages, lead to “reversed transmission of the pressure” for TCM development.

As for internal development, it was not enough to explore and carry forward the conation of TCM original thought, and to innovate technical method; it was not enough to abide by TCM original thought in innovation of TCM development with modern science and technology, and to grasp the TCM essence. Besides, research, evaluation method and standard system suitable for TCM characteristics had not been established, and TCM self-innovation system meeting with requirements of the time had not been formed. It was hard to widely understand and accept widely the complicated phenomenon of life and diseases revealed by TCM, and scientific conation expressed by traditional concept.

There were following points for promoting TCM academic development: Firstly, clear our minds, accurately follow the trend of development, analyze the constraints, find the right breakthrough, and identify objectives and tasks. Secondly, adhere to the inheritance and innovation, regard original thought of TCM as the premise of innovation of theory as well as technology, so as to achieve good results and advantages. Thirdly, focus on actual effect, and strive for progress and key breakthroughs in fundamental research, clinical research, and research of Chinese Materia Medica. Fourthly, innovate mechanism, unite to undertake large projects, and build large platforms, according to key and difficult problems of TCM academic development and health needs of the masses. Fifthly, strengthen the transformation, so as to transform academic development into the curative and applicable technology, products, methods, programs or guidelines, and put them into practice to serve masses.

The significance of strengthening TCM culture construction should be grasped in the overall situation of developing TCM and invigorating socialist culture,

Wang Guoqiang attached importance to opportunities, inheritance and innovation, and promotion of TCM culture construction. Currently, prosperous TCM culture development brings out precious strategic opportunities, and we should grasp the significance of strengthening TCM culture construction in the overall situation of developing TCM and invigorating socialist culture.” said Wang Guoqiang.

There were following points for accelerating TCM culture construction: firstly, accurately master the law of TCM culture development, understand essence of TCM culture development deeply, discuss about TCM core values, and establish TCM core value system. Secondly, strengthen strategic research of TCM cultural development and explore the system and mechanism of TCM inheritance, protection and popularization. Thirdly, carry forward spirit of TCM culture, explore TCM cultural value and facilitate the exploitation and utilization of TCM rich culture resources. Fourthly, strengthen the publicity and popularization of TCM culture and establish health culture with TCM cultural elements to improve people's health qualities. Fifthly, coordinate a good relationship, to make culture an important support for TCM coordinated development in an all-round way and to contribute to prosperity as well as development of socialist culture.

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